Henry Hoover review

Don't underestimate the wide eyed Numatic HVR 200 - codename Henry Hoover. It's size and small size may lead you to assume it lacks power... but you would be very wrong!

Henry Hoover Features:

- High performance vacuum cleaner
- 1200w motor
- High powered filtration system
- Cleaning range: 31.8m
- Hi/Low options on brush head
- 9-litre capacity
- Weight: 6.6kg
- Size: 340 x 340 x 370mm
- Manufacturer's two-year warranty

The Compact size of this vacuum means that it can easily be stored anywhere in your home. The 1200w motor allowed the Henry Hoover to pick up every type of dirt that we tested it on.

The Dirt Test

Our test involved picking up light, moderate and heavy stains from the following materials:

  1. Thick carpet (think shag pile style)
  2. Thin carpet (often seen in most offices and industrial environments)
  3. Lino (found in the kitchen and bathroom)
  4. Upholstery ( this includes the car)

The Henry Hoover vacuum has a setting that is specifically designed to deal with both thick and thin carpets. We were particularly pleased with how it dealt with dirt on both the stairs and in the car. The lightweight design meant that it could be easily maneuvered into position's in both these areas.

The only real problem we encountered was that you do have to change the bags. On the plus side, the bags do carry over 9 liters of dirt so replacement is rare.


If you are looking for a portable sized vacuum with plenty of suction the you should choose the Henry Hoover Vacuum cleaner. The Henry Hoover is also "dirt" cheap (ignore the pun :( )

We bought ours from Amazon as it was the cheapest and included free shipping.

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